May 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice, AA with Designation

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Additional information available on the Criminal Justice Department website.

Recommended basic skills courses are

  • College Readiness in English
  • College Readiness for Quantitative Literacy for MAT 1240  or MAT 1260  
  • College Readiness for Algebra for MAT 1340  

The Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year school and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. The Statewide Transfer Agreement will allow students to transfer to a Colorado public four-year school and complete their degree with an additional 60 credit hours.

Courses marked with an asterisk [*] are not currently offered at PPSC.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Criminal Justice degree program, students should be able to:

  • Explain the origins of criminal behavior, society’s response to crime, and the consequences of crime to our society, utilizing multiple perspectives
  • Explain social injustices and social harms within criminal justice systems
  • Compare theoretical frameworks to the causes and prevention of crime, the processes of criminalization, and the impact that crime has on society
  • Discuss the relationships between the courtroom and its procedures, the criminal law, and issues of criminal procedure (due process vs. crime control)
  • Document police-related activities through effective report writing
  • Differentiate and explain the key roles in the core criminal justice areas (law enforcement, law and corrections)

Full list of requirements can be found at Associate of Arts Degrees, AA .

Written Communication

Six (6) credit hours


Three-four (3-4) credit hours

 ; prefer MAT 1260 , except:

  • University of Colorado, Colorado Springs prefers MAT 1240  
  • Colorado Mesa University requires either MAT 1240  or MAT 1340  
  • University of Northern Colorado requires MAT 1260  


Three (3) credit hours


Natural and Physical Sciences

Seven-eight (7-8) credit hours

 . One of these courses must have the required Laboratory (GT-SC1).

Additional Required Courses

Twenty-seven (27) credit hours

Please note: if these credits are not required for the major at a receiving four-year institution, they will be applied to the bachelor’s degree as elective credit towards graduation. Please check with the receiving institution to determine in which way these courses will be applied.

Choose Three (3) Courses from the Following

If these courses are applied to this second section of the Prescribed Curriculum (Additional Required Courses) for credit, they may not be applied to the first section of the Prescribed Curriculum (General Education Requirements) for credit.


Zero-two (0-2) credit hours selected from the


Total Credit Hours: 60

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